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Wine, Food and Crafts

Grape vine cultivation, in the Montefalco area dates back to the Roman ages. Pliny the Elder mentions a particularly fine wine made from a grape known as the 'hirtiola'.
Montefalco is known for its extremely high quality grape and wine production including the Sagrantino DOCG, made from a native grape rich in polyphenols and tannins, which give it a strong structure, extraordinary longevity and a distinctive bouquet reminiscent of forest fruits.

It is made in two versions, Dry and Sweet and it cannot be released until it has aged for at least thirty months. The dynamic variety of
The Sagrantino di Montefalco make it the ideal pairing for Umbrian fare, from cold cuts to roasts, first courses and desserts.
This territory also produces an excellent Rosso Montefalco DOC, a red that is an ideal accompaniment for first courses and game. The white version of the wine makes for a wonderful aperitif.

Montefalco's culinary tradition is linked to typical Umbrian cuisine, which uses genuine products from the countryside and savoury meats from its local farms. All of these foods are prepared with extra virgin olive oil bearing the DOP Umbria seal, whose quality is guaranteed by the special nature of the land and the favourable climate. An additional genuine product is the honey produced by local beekeepers.

Montefalco is home to a wide array of craftsmen who have remained loyal to their craft's ancient tradition, turning out products of the highest quality. Ever since Roman times, the presence of clay has sustained the art of pottery making, which is nearly extinct today. Textile crafts, on the other hand, continue to thrive, drawing inspiration from ancient motifs, yet made with new methods, colours and designs with exceptionally high quality results.

Rocca di fabbri
Rocca di fabbri
Rocca di fabbri
Rocca di fabbri

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